How it all began

The seeds for Beverly Jones, Paper Traveler germinated in 2009, when my love for travel really took off --pardon the pun!. It began with a lovely note -- "Whatever happens, if you sell everything we will send you or not, you should plan a little visit to Provence next year (May - June is the best season as the lavender is in full bloom and the fields are made of those beautiful streaks of blue lines of lavender while the weather is still clement and not yet too hot). We would be very happy to have you with us and show you around."


Those were the words of a then-new vendor, Domaine de Boyeres. The owner had come into PULP to buy a card for his wife, loved the store, and sent us product samples to try. We did, we loved and bought them, and I received this wonderful offer. I've said "No thank you" far too many times in my life, no matter how great the opportunity. But this time was different. I thought, "How could I pass up such a lovely invitation? Saying Yes put me on a life-changing path; after being on this planet for 50+ years, I got my very first passport and headed off to Europe!

I'd never seen a soap company before; it was fascinating. And the people who worked there were wonderful -- it was great to see the time and care they put into each product.

 This was the lovely view from my bedroom window.

I ate wonderful food, visited the open weekend market in the nearby village of Apt, and visited local businesses carrying my vendor's lovely soaps and body care products.




I had a leisurely lunch with the staff just before I left, but I gotta tell you... I don't think they took two hour breaks every day! They were very hard workers.


I stopped over in Paris for two days before visiting Provence -- it was my very first time there, and on the first day I managed to find the Seine, get drenched in a rainstorm, and sip coffee outdoors at a cafe. What fun!

I stayed at Mama Shelter, which now is my favorite hotel in my second-favorite arrondissement (the 20th) in Paris. It is not in the heart of the city, but the rooms and rates are fab.



I walked to the Eiffel Tower... it took a long long long long time. I now know how to get there on the Metro, and on the bus. Each time I visit, I learn how to get around a little better!

When I got back to the states, I knew that I would want to be a world traveler for the rest of my life. I've been back to Paris three more times since then. Next on tap -- London, Paris (of course!), and Frankfurt in 2014, and research for a trip to Tokyo is in the works. Stay tuned for news of the fantastic products I'll be scouting out for you!