Reiter's Books -- all things scientific, and more

I was delighted to meet Daphne, the buyer for Reiter's Books, at the National Stationery Show in May. I told her that I'd never heard of Reiter's before, and that surprised me -- I thought I knew just about every bookstore in the city. But when she told me of Reiter's previous location, I realized I'd walked past many times without even thinking about it; I thought it only catered to the scientific community, and never ventured inside.

There's much more to this store, however. Reiter's Books bills itself as "one of a few woman-owned booksellers in the world that is focused on bringing scientific, medical and technical books directly to the community. From finance, economics, math and medicine to design, architecture, politics and policy, Reiter’s has what you’re looking for."



If you're a professional in the healthcare trade, Reiter's also carries stethoscopes and diagnostic kits, but there are gift items to please just about everyone, no matter what profession. They also carry lots of notecards, and I'm excited that Beverly Jones, Paper Traveler cards are available there, too!

Reiter's Books: 1900 G Street NW, Washington DC 20006