Central Park North

On our way to Harlem Day, my daughter and I

walked through a slice of the northern section

of Central Park to get to the festivities,

and I marveled at how serene it felt.



The clear, less humid weather helped a lot. People lounged

in the grass, walked dogs, and sat on the benches reading,

all soaking up the Sunday afternoon vibe. Languid music

wafted over the pond, making the moment magical.



I decided to come back the next day, but got a little lost

and ended up at another entrance.




There are so many pockets of peace in New York City!

How, in all of my travels, did I ever miss the beautiful

Conservatory Gardens?




My goal -- getting to the West Side by going through the park --

would have been easier, I think, if I'd read a map. After I took a

winding path away from the Gardens, I kept climbing up, up, up,

then made my way downhill to a ravine.






When I finally reached the West Side, I found I'd actually walked

about seven blocks further north than I'd been on the East Side.





By the time I reached Mr. Frederick Douglass,

I felt that I'd gotten in all of my required exercise

for the day. We'll save his tale for another time.



Be sure to check out Central Park's website (http://bit.ly/1tx177z)

to see everything there is to do in the northern portion of the park;

even though there are tourists, it's way less crowded than the

southern section. Another great travel experience in New York!