Travel Here: Cards in a hardware store? You bet!

I am not handy with tools. That's an understatement. I hand them over to my sweetie,
who loves to use the pressure washer, hammer, and build things. But I LOVE hardware stores!
They are chock-full of possibility.

5th Street Ace Hardware, part of A Few Cool Hardware Stores in Washington, D.C.,
is no exception. Just think... I could paint a wall... stain a floor, or... oh, wait,
I think I want that red table and chairs set. No skills required!

Best of all, there are products at 5th Street that one could actually use to
make cards; I'll post about that at another time. But right now, I am so stoked
that they carry Beverly Jones, Paper Traveler cards!

Other card companies shown here include Grey Moggie Press (
and Typecase Industries; I'm excited to be in the mix with them!

5th Street Ace Hardware is like the Tardis; it's waaaayyyy bigger on the inside,
especially on the second floor. Be sure to stop on in to see all of the wonderful
things they have to offer! The store is in the same block as Busboys & Poets,
Taylor Gourmet, and Sweetgreen, and only a few blocks from the
Chinatown/Gallery Place Metro. And you can find cards at two more Few Cool
Hardware locations: Tenleytown Ace Hardware and soon-to-be-reopened Logan Hardware.
A Few Cool Hardware Stores
5th Street Ace Hardware
1055 5th St. NW
Washington, DC 20001
Tenleytown Ace Hardware
4500 Wisconsin Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20016
Logan Hardware
Currently closed during relocation
Relocating to 14th St. & S St. NW. Details coming soon!
For updates on the move, email