Make your very own Valentine paper collage -- February 5, Logan Hardware, Washington DC!

It's almost time for our Valentine Collage Workshop, and
we hope you'll join us for a fun time. You may be thinking
"But I don't know how to begin!" That's okay -- here's how to get started.

Step 1: Begin with a theme in mind.

Step 2: A prompt can go a long way in helping guide you as you
make your collage. You'll pick one from an envelope at the workshop.



 Step 3: My prompt came from Bob Marley: “One love, one heart...”

Step 4: You'll have a nice selection of papers and tapes to use.
Just choose what you want to work with, and begin cutting and
arranging. You can always introduce new papers at any time.


 Step 5: Take pics of your work! I made two pieces. I used elements of an
old collage that I've carried around with each apartment or house move I've
made; it includes a photo of Jan, a dear friend who's no longer here with us.
As I was pulling together supplies for the workshop, I found this, and remembered
this one special lady.

The second piece uses tissues and handmade paper, and no words.
Your collage can be as literal or abstract as you like.

There are lots of ways to collage; these are just a few techniques
you can use.See you on Thursday! You can purchase workshop tickets