Celebrating My Dad

One of my favorite TV characters right now is in a commercial for State Farm. First, he says he's NEVER getting married (cut away to the engagement ring he buys), then will never have kids, or live in the suburbs, or buy an SUV! In the end, he does all these things, of course, and seems quite content.

I never thought to ask my dad if he felt that way, a long time ago. But here he is with my mom, beginning their honeymoon journey, and he looks pretty happy.

My dad died in 1993, after serving in the Korean War, getting married, starting his own business, and (along with my mom) raising seven rambunctious children, working hard to be a good father. He didn't always get it right, but he tried to make good parenting choices every single day.

Five of us rambunctious ones have children of our own now. I see my brothers and sister setting good examples for their kids, emulating my dad in so many ways; as I watch them, it makes me miss my father, but it also makes me proud, and I think he would be happy, too, if he could see all seven of us now. I decided to put him on a card, and I celebrate Fred Jackson, Jr. this Father's Day. Love and miss you, Daddy!