Be Crafty: Make Meri Cherry's Ribbon Fun House!

When I saw Meri Cherry's adorable ribbon house for toddlers, I thought it would be big fun for grownups, too.

(photo courtesy

Can you see it? A ribbon wall in a doorway at a birthday party... or an outdoor barbecue... decorating a booth space in a craft market... there are so many possibilities.

Meri Cherry (yes, that's her real name!) teaches art classes for kids. This project seems so easy that even I can do it, and I hope you have fun with it too, whether it's for your children, or for some kids at heart that you may know. You can pick up the supplies you need -- just masking tape and flagging tape -- at your local hardware store.  It takes just minutes to make. Have fun!

To make the ribbon fun house, here's the link to the project. And here's where you can find out more about Meri!