Travel Here: Stickerrific, a Stationery Haven for Travel Journalers in Petaling Jaya, Sengalor, Malaysia

It's truly amazing, the places you can go virtually via social media. One moment you're commenting on a pic posted by a photographer in Helsinki; the next you're reading the first book published on Instagram. And then you find yourself craving stickers and journals you found in a sweet little shop in Malaysia, and you have to find out more about it.

(all photos courtesy of Stickerrific)

Stickerrific has been in my Instagram feed for awhile now. If your travel plans take you to Kuala Lumpur, be sure to fit in a day trip to Petaling Jaya (about 16-19 km west of KL), where Stickerrific is located.

One of the store's most popular brands is the lovely Midori Traveler's Notebook line, with all of the accessories that make the travel journal so special. But Stickerrific sells other great notebooks, too, as well as washi tape, stickers (check out their sushi and stationery sets), pens, and many other arts and crafts supplies. What a fun place!

Stickerrific sits in a portion of "The Corner Shop", a small cafe where you can sip a beverage, pet the three cats who meander throughout the space, write in your new journal, and use the store's stash of rubber stamps and washi tapes to further inspire your thoughts.

Once you've finished shopping at Stickerrific, there are lots of other fun things to do in Petaling Jaya. The city is known for its shopping, dining, and water parks. There's even a live-action puzzle room. And don't miss the night markets - they're paradise for foodies! The street on which Stickerrific is located is Jalan Universiti, which consists of a long stretch of hospitals, colleges and universities. It is actually an older area of Petaling Jaya, but there has been a lot of new development in recent years. There are plenty of new hipster cafes popping up within driving distance of Stickerrific; just ask someone at the store for some ideas on where to go.

If you decide to remain in Petaling Jaya overnight (so much to see, so much to do!), Airbnb has made its way to the city. The hotels closest to the store are One World Hotel or Cititel Hotel.

If visiting Petaling Jaya is not in your immediate travel future, Stickerrific also ships internationally. Be sure to visit, in person or online, and satisfy your paper desires!