The Courage Wall in Reston, VA

I set off on my usual morning walk, eager to find a beautiful flower or a newly-colored fall leaf; instead, a huge wall of words greeted me at the Reston-Wiehle Metro station.


This is a big, brilliant marketing initiative from a company in Alexandria, Virginia; check out their social media feeds, and their cool-looking products on Etsy. This morning, however, I was most inspired by the courage of individuals to bare their innermost thoughts to the world.



All sorts of hopes and dreams scrawled over the wall in big chalky letters. Some were very personal, others were huge, lofty goals.




Lots of people wanted the courage to travel -- and then there was that snake.



Lots of folks were caught by surprise, as I was -- the Courage Wall is brand new. It was a nice jolt to the senses, and a distraction from our everyday routines.




I picked up a piece of chalk myself, and as I walked up to the wall I wondered "What do I wish I had courage for? The courage to believe in myself?" Then I realized someone had already written what I wanted to say:



Have courage, and take heart, my friends.