Philadelphia -- a fresh look at old buildings

I still like to call myself a "Philly girl," even though I grew up in the suburbs, and have now lived away from the area for decades. As a teenager, I would escape my boring town by hopping on the bus to stroll around Center City, feeling like a sophisticated lady. I still have family in the area, and I still love this comfy city. I've had fun looking at old places in new ways through my camera lens.



My favorite way to travel to Philadelphia is by Amtrak. I've always loved 30th Street Station.



I am energized by the lofty ceilings and by observing travelers rushing to and fro. At the same time, there is a moody melancholy about this building that moves me.



When I was a little girl, I would visit Philadelphia's Reading Terminal Market with my grandparents; it must be there where my love for markets and vendors began! When I'm in town, I still try to make my way over here for breakfast, or for one of the famous sandwiches from DiNic's. The side entrances to the Market are dark and gloomy, but I love the brickwork, and thought I'd try to see it in a new light.



I love the Art Deco facade of Philadelphia's Suburban Station, opened in 1930. Trains stopping at this hub can whisk you away to the airport and to the Philly suburbs.



The historically protected National Products Building, formerly a showroom for a restaurant supply company, was constructed in 1957. A developer recently applied for permits to turn it into a six story apartment complex. I don't know if the terra cotta tiles will remain after the redevelopment, but I wanted to capture them on paper, just in case.



Trenton China Pottery was founded almost 90 years ago and is still in business today as Trenton China Restaurant Equipment & Supply. The company moved out of Philly's Old City neighborhood years ago, but the old, fading advertisement on the building remains for us to appreciate.



All of these images are available here, as art prints. I plan to visit the City of Brotherly Love again to add to this collection!