People to See: Interesting on Instagram, November 11

Last week, I wrote to you about a few of the fascinating folks on my Instagram feed. You all enjoyed it so much that I'm going to make this a regular weekly topic! Here are some of the people who have recently inspired me; I'm a big fan, and regularly check out their posts.  I hope you will, too!

Do you ever wonder if someone shares your obsession about, well, just about anything? I love to discover multi-colored tree bark, old peeling paint, and rusted metal... and so does @thedailytexture. There's a bounty of rich colors and textures to be found here every day.

 from Instagram: @thedailytexture


I am living vicariously through @blackgirlwilltravel; Bali and Laos are now on my list of my "Places to Go" because of her lovely photos. You can also find her on Facebook and Amazon.


from Facebook: Black Girl, Will Travel


I aspire to make a home the way @nataliecreates does. Natalie Freeman's photos are so comfy and inviting that I want to pull up a chair and have coffee with her! And perhaps I can... Natalie is hosting a creative gathering on January 16th in Fayetteville, Arkansas that sounds warm, inviting, and a perfect way to begin a brand new year.



You can find out more about Natalie and the everyday beauty she finds in farming, crafting, and homemaking here.

You can check out more of the awesome people I follow on my IG feed @papertraveler -- and let me know who you love, too!