People to See: Interesting on Instagram, November 19

Last week, I wrote to you about a few of the fascinating folks on my Instagram feed. You all enjoyed it so much that I'm going to make this a regular weekly topic! Here are some of the people who have recently inspired me; I'm a big fan, and regularly check out their posts.  I hope you will, too!

I can't even tell you how fiber artist @francescfawcett popped up in my IG feed. All I know is that I came away from her page feeling happy and inspired! Frances (aka the "Delight Detective") is on a "mission to create a more friendly, playful and positive Universe by combining my colorful fiber art with uplifting messages that support and enhance our beautiful lives." Take a look at her wonderful creations, and you'll believe her. You can also find her here.

Photo credit,

The nature photography of @kpunkka always amazes me. Based in Helsinki, Finland, Konsta Punkka is also known as the "squirrel whisperer" - take a look at his feed and you'll find out why. His work is absolutely stunning, and a must-see! You can also find him on Facebook.

Photo credit, Konsta Punkka

My friend Betsy introduced me to @flow_magazine. Flow is a creative online publication, chock-full of creative blogging and design inspiration. Beautiful, well-designed products are available for sale to help you with your journaling, decluttering, and overall lifestyle processes. In addition to Flow's online format, a print magazine is available. I believe there's value in reading both.

Photo credits, Flow Magazine, and illustrator Amy Blackwell

If you love love love Japanese stationery, paper, and writing instruments, be sure to set aside a very long time to look at @jetpens, on IG and especially on its website. Oh, my goodness me. You'll want to buy EVERYTHING! My sweet boyfriend gave me an early holiday gift from JetPens; an awesome 2016 Hobonichi Planner. I can't wait to use it, but in the meantime I'm loving the inspirational quotes on each page; they are not the types of inspiration one usually sees, they're actually very refreshing and helpful. This quote is from Kuniko Obinata, a Paralympic alpine skier from Japan.


"[On seeing someone in town struggling with their physical disability]
if your eyes meet theirs, just smile.
That's enough, as long as you don't quickly look away and check your cell phone or something. (laughs)
Just keeping them in your field of vision is okay."


You can check out more of the fabulous people I follow on my IG feed @papertraveler -- and let me know who you love, too!