Meet Bianca and Christy, Owners of the Strut Truck, at The Holiday Guild Market, Old City Farm & Guild!

Just in time for the holidays - the cool, calm way to shop for clothes and accessories during the busiest time of the year is coming to The Holiday Guild Market at Old City Farm & Guild! The Strut Truck (aka "Strut") is a mobile fashion boutique on wheels that's becoming extremely popular all around the DMV. Bianca and Christy made their official business debut in May 2014 on FOX5 News with Annie Yu. They say "Our concept is small but makes a huge impact on customers that are passing by. Strut has helped with introducing this new and innovative way to go shopping for trendy and affordable items without having to tackle the mall traffic. The boutique is designed and operated out of a big, green truck with an over-sized feather detailed on either sides, so it's safe to say that we do stand out! Other than catering to our customers and their fashion needs, our focus remains the quality of our merchandise particularly USA made products. We curate our items from various showrooms out of New York, Los Angeles and some local vendors here in the District as well."

Please be sure to stop by and shop Strut at The Holiday Guild Market at Old City Farm & Guild. You can find more information about the participating Holiday Guild artists and businesses here.

You can also find the Strut Truck online:
Twitter: (@TheStrutTruck)
Instagram: (the_strut_truck)