Meet Laura Pickard, founder of Independent Grounds Coffee House, at The Holiday Guild Market at Old City Farm & Guild!

This Saturday, bring friends and family for great local shopping and wonderful Christmas trees, and warm up with coffee from Independent Grounds at Old City Farm's Holiday Guild Market!

In the United States 1 in 68 children is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. As of June 2014, only 16.8% of adult individuals with disabilities were gainfully employed. Laura created Independent Grounds Coffee House to help improve those odds. Independent Grounds Coffee House serves to provide students with the proper skills to seek and maintain employment once they graduate from high school. Students have an opportunity to come in for an hour and a half work shift several days a week as a part of their high school vocational training, with work training programs developed based on the needs of each student.

You can find Laura and Independent Grounds online here:

Twitter: (@IG_Coffee_House)

Instagram: (independentgrounds)

Facebook: (Independent Grounds)


We look forward to seeing you at the Holiday Guild Market! You can find more information about participating artists and businesses here.