I love photocollage! My morning walks, layered

I love arranging the photos I take on my morning journeys just about as much as I enjoy cutting out handmade papers for collages. Here's a little bit of what I do.

First, I take lots of pictures that may or may not find their way to Instagram or Facebook; if they don't, they are still helpful when I'm composing an image.



Next, I dig into my photo stash, just as I do with my paper stash, and pull out my go-to pics for creating more background texture. I love using pictures of clouds!



I then use the awesome filters in Photoshop to finish the process.



I'll create this piece in various forms, beginning with an art print and a greeting card. It's so much fun!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about a little bit of my process. Please email me (papertraveler@gmail.com) if you'd like to learn more.