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Fun with food and flowers - cooking up new cards!

I've had a lovely break during the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve -- it's been the perfect time to make new cards. One of my new designs began with a seaweed snack!

That's right -- the dried, salty treat that I eat in place of the potato chips that I REALLY crave. I took the pic (and ate the snack, of course), then played around with it in Photoshop to get a number of variations on the theme.



I finally picked one and fooled around with it a bit more to get this...

... then I added a picture of flowers, and text... and voila!

This is so much fun that it can't possibly be work! I'm grateful for the opportunity to create new things and share them with you. I'll keep you posted on Facebook and Instagram with more new work. Have a wonderful New Year!

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