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Paper in Paris -- the Paper Traveler winter tour!

I had big fun in 2017 creating sets of mini art prints of inspiring people and places I've been, and I was thrilled that you loved them, too, and bought them over the holidays. In a few days, I'll  find even more photo opportunities for my designs; I'm taking my paper travels to Europe later this week! My first stop will be PaperWorld, a gift show held in Frankfurt. I'll be looking for excellent stationery and paper goods to sell in the online shop, and at pop up shops later this year. After Frankfurt, I'll spend a few days in Paris, taking tons of pictures for new art prints, mini art print sets, greeting cards, and calendars. If you have a favorite place, I would love to know about it -- please email me and let me know what you suggest.

The list of places I want to visit and to photograph keeps getting longer and longer. I know I won't be able to make it everywhere, but here are a few things I definitely plan to do.

Take a tour with Donna Morris of Best Friend In Paris.

I met Donna Morris through a DC friend several years ago, and had the most wonderful dinner with her in Batignolles, a residential neighborhood in the 17th arrondissement. Donna has lived in Paris for ten years, and conducts entertaining, engaging tours around the city. I'm going to take her Paris, How It Works tour so that I know how to move around the city more efficiently.

Book a photo shoot through Airbnb.

I'm late to the party... I didn't know that in addition to booking places to stay, Airbnb provides all kinds of experiences, from live music crawls to having dinner in a French chef's loft! Tania is going to take dozens of photos that I'll be able to use here on my blog, on Instagram, you name it. I can't wait... even though I don't usually like to have my picture taken. :-)

Visit my two favorite paper stores.

Whenever I'm in Paris, I always visit Calligrane and Melodies Graphiques, and leave with the most beautiful stationery and paper goods. (yes, that is vegetable paper from Calligrane!)

Want to join me? You can -- just follow me on Instagram!

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