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New Artists from Austria!

When I launched Beverly Jones, Paper Traveler, I told my friends that one of my goals was to buy and sell pretty things all around the world. I'm thrilled that in addition to my own work, I'm now able to feature the work of two Austrian companies. I love it when a plan comes together!

I discovered Michaela Zirg's ZIMIglobe paper spheres while walking the aisles of Paperworld in Frankfurt. The little globes drew me in -- the world, the globe, the paper traveler, right? When I found out that they were actually cards, I nearly jumped for joy.

Michaela Zirg is the inventor, designer, and owner of Vienna-based ZIMIglobe. Michaela's products are cards that turn into gifts; you write your greeting on the back and mail it (a vellum envelope is included). Your recipient reads your greeting, then pulls the wire to create a three-dimensional ornament. The ornament is easily turned back into a flat card by pulling the wire again. Pretty nifty, eh?

I was delighted to find queer-diverse, LGBTQ friendly cards at Paperworld -- it was a fantastic surprise. Ulla Klopf and Ute Baurecker are the designers behind PABUKU -- The Quirky Paperie, also based in Austria. When I walked into their booth, I gasped and smiled, just as my friend Ron Henderson would have done if he were alive, and had been there with me. I found cards for EVERYONE here! One of the things PABUKU believes in is "creating with love and pride -- it comes straight from the heart," and it shows.

My pop up shop customers in the Washington, DC metro area love these cards, and you can now shop here online for ZIMIglobes and PABUKU cards. Thank you for supporting these new makers!


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