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Creativity, Unleashed -- What a Workshop!

We had a fun, festive time at the Valentine Collage Workshop last Thursday at Logan Hardware on 14th Street in Washington, DC. Six attendees spent their time cutting and pasting to their hearts' content (pardon the pun). We all enjoyed the colorful, luscious papers, tapes, and ephemera, and we also loved meeting and spending time with like-minded crafters. What a beautiful evening!

It was especially great for me to see the paper combinations the crafters used. They all had different perspectives, and I enjoyed seeing the colors/textures they put together.

Gina used her prompt, a quote on paper to help guide her toward our "Heart & Soul" theme, right on her collage. So did many of the other attendees.

 Jack's lovely work. He used 3D dots to build up the height of the multiple hearts.

Kay's playful collage, full of life and laughter.

Kim, a wonderful collage artist (I love collecting her cards!), had her way with words.

And I loved how Robbie used the dancing blue fish in her work!

Kristin's beautiful card contained a surprise...


Jack made a second card, also with paper elements inside.

 Robbie's second card made use of silhouettes. Nice!

Want to join us for our next workshop? Email me at papertraveler [at] gmail [dot] com, or join the mailing list. It's gonna be fabulous!

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Travel Here: Paper stores in Japan (Links)

As you may know, dear friends, I am in love with Japanese paper. There are scores of paper choices not available to us here in the US, and my dream is to visit Japan to satisfy my paper cravings. Here are links to some of the stores I've found online that look absolutely wonderful; now all I have to do is make a plan, and I am there! (Note: these are mostly review links, as they are written in English.)

Yanaka: Isetatsu Paper Store


Tokyo: Itoya

(at 5:33 in the video)

Tokyo: Haibara

Tokyo: Ozi Washi

Osaka: Tanseido

Osaka: Winged Wheel Stationery

Kyoto:Kamiji Kakimoto


Are there stores you love that I've missed? I want to find them too, in my travels -- let me know @papertraveler.

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Lovely Paper: Chiyogami

I always consider it a privilege to hold a beautiful piece of chiyogami paper in my hands. I know it has been handcrafted with love and care, using techniques handed down over thousands of years. I love the feel of it as I turn it over in my hands, and cut it into various shapes for my card designs and art projects.

The Japanese Paper Place, a wonderful Canadian paper wholesaler, explains the history of Chiyogami, and has posted a YouTube clip showing the process of silkscreening chiyogami here.

So far, chiyogami has been my favorite paper with which to collage; I'll let you know when that changes!

Chiyogami paper can be found in many online and brick & mortar stores, including Paper Source, The Paper Place,  and Uguisu.

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