Blank -- Shenandoah Valley Gardener's Delight

Beverly Jones, Paper Traveler

$ 5.00

Travel, photography, and paper -- perfect together! I love to take photos, and create art prints for you and for those you love. I find most of my pictures when I take my daily morning walks, or while I'm traveling across the country or around the globe. I'm always delighted to share my discoveries with you! As you view my work, just imagine that you're wandering this brave, beautiful world with me, fellow traveler. :-)

I was working in the backyard of our Shenandoah Valley home when I spotted this beautiful butterfly lounging on my garden glove -- what a nice surprise!

Digitally printed in Rochester, New York on heavy stock; card size 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 in. Photo, Beverly Jones.

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